Launch Syllabus

Partnering schools and organizations to develop their sports curriculum

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The Launch Syllabus program is a partnership between Launch Sports, schools and or sports organizations, offering children the opportunity to learn new sports, unlocking their potential in a safe, fun, and familiar environment through professional coaching, supporting their growth.



Launch Syllabus specializes in after school programs where our professional coaches present a range of sports over 6 week blocks. Each block is geared towards being age and ability appropriate.

  • Options include 1 hour or 2 hour weekly sessions.
  • Launch Syllabus can offer a customised program to cater to the school’s needs.



Launch Syllabus offers sports teams and clubs specialist coaching in their specific sport.
The Launch Syllabus program has quality sessions which our specialist coaches will conduct with the players as well as instruct your sports teams’ respective coaches on how to carry out that session.
Launch Syllabus can offer a customised program to fulfil your team’s needs.


For more information on how your organization can partner with our Launch Syllabus Program, please contact Andreas Makris //